Mother of Jesus

Mary's Message

"It is true, this is a sacred night - a special time for renewing the self in the light of that 
    one who was born so very long ago. I would like to share peace with you. Would that I could 
    spread it over all as a thin membrane letting the light in and protecting those underneath. I can 
    only share my essence.

        Spread love as a blanket - softly and carefully place it on or around those in need.

        Peace. Sweet peace I share with you.

        Peace will be needed in the coming changing times. Develop it within yourselves. Control the urge 
   to let emotions go out of control. Balance must be maintained. You are special children of the Light. 
   The message will come through you in many manifested ways.

        I go now. Blessed is this night."


As received by Marcia Wilson

December 24, 1997

Mary's Message


         "Coming together with those on earth is a pleasure to me. To speak to you and to share my 
   love and my spirit with you is a delight that I have been looking forward to sharing. These are 
   difficult times for you, for all of you on earth. Some are struggling with inward battles and others 
   are fighting wars. It does not seem as if it is possible to think of peace and good will at a time like 
   this, yet I tell you, it is possible.

          Things must change. The change can come within you and around you. It is better to be prepared 
   with love than to prepare for future times with fear. How do we share love when there is so much 
   discord? How can we find spiritual peace and contentment within? I have given much thought to this. 
   It is wise to begin with a tiny spark, a tiny light within. Too often we do not reach forward to others    
   because we feel inadequate, we do not know how to begin or we feel we may be rejected. A little light 
   of  love will shed warmth and trust.

          From far away a star is small, yet its brightness is seen by many. Within each person there is a 
   light, and no matter how little it seems, it can be as bright as the stars in the sky. I wish for you who 
   read my message to begin to look within to find that little light. It must first be found before it can 
   shine for others.

          Each person has an individual light with its own tones, colors, and harmonies. Each person has 
   a contribution to make. We are like seeds on earth - each contributing to the land and to each other. 
   My love is boundless and encompasses all. I ask you to look at your own light. Look within. Let it 
   shine. This holy season, this time of remembrance brings forth the best in people. Let us not set our 
   goals so high that we do not try at all. Reach out, add warmth and love in the best way you can              
   project it. My Son and I spread out to you a warm loving golden glow. May it bring you peace and 



As received by Marcia Wilson
December 23, 1998