"Changing Energies" 

    Think of the earth as a ball and within are seven circles, balls within the ball (earth). As with people; the outer surface of the ball is the visible/physical and each consecutive inward ring is higher energy, not lower. The center is the true soul/energy of the being or planet...God realization or self realization is the being realizing or recognizing what it truly is. All things physical are projected out from that inner point. Spirit is energy.

    Think of a sock with the outside of the sock being all things physical. We see this outer physical world as outside of ourselves. In god realization or self realization we pull the sock inside out through the sock opening… this relates to the Om point. In the center of the balls inner most circle is the Om point or creation point. The original creation point. When the spirit mind progresses enough to vibrate identically with the energy at the center of its being as represented as the inner most ball they are able to see themselves as unending energy and unending intelligence. They now realize they never were the physical…but the physical was only a projection from their inner creation point. Now they see the entire physical universe as within themselves. The last circle, before reaching the center, is aware of all the other circles of energy back to the physical. It relates to them from that energy level. The physical remains, the energy and the awareness changes, being able to see the other levels. The higher the spiritual level the higher the spirit mind. It becomes more universally aware of all the other things behind it.

    The Earth will soon being making one of these inward journeys. She will be going inward vibrating to her higher spiritual energies. Earth is like the individual. Each of us is cognizant of our own physical being, and we see the energy levels depending on what we have experienced on our inner spiritual levels. Energy spiritual levels will determine how we act. We are working on a different level than the physical. The physical changes that will happen on Earth will be precipitated by the higher energy level trickeling down to the physical. The colors of her aura will change in harmony with these higher trickle down spiritual energies. Just like it happens with people. Higher spiritual people have different colors in their aura.
The physical changes on earth will be precipitated from work at a higher energy level and as that work on the energy level is done, it will trickle down and make changes on Earth. The same as with people, it makes changes in their perception as to how they perceive the world. With Earth it will make some physical change..

    There are strands of energy that go throughout the entire physical universe and the sustaining energy that keeps that energy generated is the highest level of spiritual energy. What we can see is only a little bit, a tiny portion, but people who see things at an energy level can see the energy in physical things. Within the physical, if you were looking at a closet door, anyone looking at it would just see a closet door, but people who are aware of and can see energy, can see the energy in the door ...not the atoms, the energies, the part that sustains the physical…everything that holds it together that makes it a closet door.

    There's also a spiritual energy that is mind and that has substance also. That's another kind of energy that can be seen. Nothing to do with an energy level on the physical, but on the higher energy level which will trickle down. The Earth will change. It may not look exactly as it looks now because of the changes in the energy. It will be more lush, homes different. It takes time as this energy trickles down, we will live more in harmony with nature. We will not be as separated from nature and will see our energy level and connectiveness with nature. Those who do not resonate to these higher energy levels of the Earth will be attracted to and born on the lower vibrations of the Earth. All of the circles within the ball exist at the same time. It is only the awareness that changes.  





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