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     " When the Celestials first spoke of time speeding up, I wondered how it could be a faster change than what was already felt.  Now I know and I'm sure you know. It's not just the day and lack of time needed to get things done, but the days go by so much more quickly.  It's unbelievable to me that so much time has gone by since the last posting as this site for years had a weekly message.  Now the time has been spent, almost daily, on the Celestials giving information on the steps to take when the Shift comes and how to prepare the mind and body.  Some of it has been repeated to emphasize the importance of the actual use of the information."

     "Now I only channel from the Fifth Dimension upward.  It takes adjustment as the body has to learn to handle the energies which are very strong.  Also, it takes practice to distinguish the different energy 'signature' which I enjoy doing.  There is an incredible difference or range in what these energies feel like and how they have to be handled to link for messages.  The main emphasis now has been patience, patience, patience.  I'm told too many have given up because of the long wait.  The Celestials say the wait is "trying on the soul" and that is definitely true.  No one can say what will happen but there are 'signs' to come....different colors in the sky (which are color codes) and different combinations of color and energy.  They are surprised that hardly anyone responds to
these energies which they say are 'largely ignored'.  I hear them at a high range and am used to them and also have been privileged to be able to see them....incredible beauty."

    "So as we wait with most of the world oblivious, be mentally prepared for change.  Also, be ready to make 'quick decisions.'  There will be so many who plan or think they can continue their life in certain patterns......but it is not so, meaning we all must prepare for change.   And, being an animal communicator....don't forget your animals are aware.  One of my dogs listens to the Celestials....his eyes get bright and he looks to the side (so he
isn't facing their light.)  One day I asked him what he saw in the back yard and his mental message was "Beautiful People".    

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