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Take care of you animals.

November 8, 2014

(A question was asked about the Cold Front arriving.)

      "I am here. I understand your questions and your questioning. The cold will be felt. You may have sensed that this COLD is different and it is. It is bone chilling and this is or can be when there is warm sun. It will get colder. This is a protective cover, a buffer and a needed barrier. (Adriane: Is It Protection Against Sun Flares?) Yes, yes it is, it will not last too long to change the earth surroundings except for snow clean up, but it will be, as has been said, bone chilling and it is important to layer with whatever amount keeps your body warm. ANIMALS WILL SUFFER IF THEY ARE NOT INSIDE. It will be a few days until balance returns."

(M: What is causing my emotional reaction?) "The skies are opening. The energies are strong and unknown."

      "We are seeing changes, earth changes which will bring attention to change in a more vivid way. It is also the flow of the cold that will bring uneven reactions. Some will survive and some who are careless will not. That is all I can say at this time."




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