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   Take a moment. Take a slow breath and exhale slowly.  Close your eyes.  Calm your thoughts.  Create quietness.  Watch how your body responds. These things have been spoken of and suggested in many avenues of thought.  Yet, it isn't being done.  Why?  No time?  Too much noise?  Too much to do?   Excuses.  If the weather is okay, step outside for a moment at night and let the sky calm your feelings.  Too cold? Bundle up. Stars out of sight?  Just soak in the cool air.  Over and over we procrastinate because there is just too much going on in our minds, too much worry, too much activity.   And yet...........so very, very important.

   Remember the technique for loosening up fear or worry?  Walk in a counter clockwise circle.....make it a wide circle and walk until you can lessen the size and walk, and then smaller and smaller until the stress is gone.  Like magic, but it works.  Let the world go by for a few minutes, put the fear aside.  Notice something of beauty each day.  Come up with your own ideas as to what creates smooth moments for you.  Only you can go within and find peace there. Take care of yourself. Your peaceful influence will help others.


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