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     When we began here there were messages from beyond and Light Beings who wanted to speak. Now there are continual messages preparing us for what is to come......the big change.  These are on my other website Galaxy Triad   It seems to have evolved here into more  personal communication of steps that can be taken at this time.  From what I have seen and heard it appears that the majority of people don't want to 'rock their boat'.  They are not interested in hearing and even when they do, their choice is that of disbelief. Here is an example: There are Color Codes coming to earth and Sounds and sometimes Color Codes and Sounds mixed.   This is an absolute necessity or as has been told 'earth would not exist'.  These sounds are very distinct and sometimes very strong.  Other are high pitch and one or two I've heard have had a metallic sound. Some are one one side of the head and then the other and some directly above.  Recently a friend went to her doctor because she heard a 'ringing noise'.  A thorough examination off her ears showed no problem.  Now picture if someone knowing what is happening tells the doctor....no it's energy codes.  You can imagine a rolling of the eyes as in 'are you crazy'.

     Those of us who are involved in Light Working in various ways, are very aware of some of the changes.  The majority have no clue as to anything 'different' except the earth changes, the different climates and unusual flooding or at the other end...lack of water.  Others are stressed, upset for no reason, frustrated and depressed.  All of this while juggling families or jobs or just life in general.  For those who have closed their minds, I can tell you that you are wasting your time trying to help them see what is before them that is not evident to them.  It seems to be either
too much to handle or disbelief.

     Perhaps you are not in an area where the clouds are very visible, but there are incredible sights to see.  Take a look at the trees..........some of them are shining.  There have been sky sights where it appears that you can reach up and touch the edge of the earth.  And have you noticed changes in your animals?  Both my dogs see spirits and one of them likes to play with them.  My bird says 'Pretty Baby' when she sees them which is delightful to them.

   All of this is not in the distant future, it is evolving now.  Simply open your eyes and open your mind. Spend some time outside, let nature help calm you, and Listen.


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