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     August 11, 2014

     No, there were not computer problems the entire time there were no messages.  In several messages the Celestials said time would speed up, and it is shocking to see how much time has passed.  Much time has been taken to receive and record messages from the Celelstials.

     The things we are seeing and hearing in this time period are stunningly barbaric and cruel.  I do not want to describe it in print, but you know it is as if time has gone backwards to early times.  The world seems to be upside down in behavior.  This has an effect that can be devastating as we hear that this is a battle.....a battle of the Dark and the Light, but most importantly, the Light will prevail.  With the stresses of everyday living and these added wars, it is hard to present a face of calmness or peacefulness.  It is important to find a place where it is peaceful and quiet and allow your soul, mind and body to 'heal', to rest even if it is for a short period of time.  Work on patience.Let your individual Light shine and if you cannot find yourself activating thatconcept, let your Light warm your own heart and spirit first. Take action in some small way....do something nice for another and this includes animals for they feel the tensions also.

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