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     When I look at the calendar and see that there has been no message for the two Sundays of May 25 and June 1 and then, unbelievably June 8 and June 15 ....time really is speeding by. Originally with this website there were different known Beings, some of Biblical origin and other Celestial Beings who were not known but had messages to give.  Then as time flew by, the posts for these pages came from guidance in subject form.  I would wait for a title and then be guided with a few sentences on what to write.  Now, here it is June 29 and a different change has to  be made.

     My time is being taken up with www.galaxytriad.com with many messages advising that there is a big change coming and how to prepare.  This change involves the Birth of A New Earth which means great change for the earth as it is.  I'm told it will, at the beginning, take much adjustment and patience dealing with newness that will affect all.  Many Light Workers are aware of this but the majority of people are not aware of energies coming to earth that will stabilize her.  It sounds like soft rain and can be heard even when inside.

     Just within the last few days there has been a guidance that says to "Look at the Sky" ...a beginning of differences alert.   Now there have been in the past two incidents of waiting and it did not manifest. Energies changed, other  unknown reasons stopped it, but if this manifests this time, it is a time to be alert and I will have more to say.  You've probably noticed the tension in many people and the bizarre behavior in many parts of the world.  On the GalaxyTriad  site there are guidelines on how to prepare and handle changes to come.  I suggest you read those messages that you feel drawn to know.  I will return on July 13 and see if progress has been made.


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