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     Have you said this or heard this.... I don't have enough time?"  Well, get ready because there is going to be a definite feeling of this on the way.  Can you imagine the adjustment this will take?  Adjustments have to be made to fit the 'new movement of time'.  A feeling of "a day feels as if a week has gone by."  This quote is from channeled information that came to me recently.  I can't imagine how this will work and for those who have very busy days at work or at home, will this take an adjustment of attitude?  What has to be changed and what needs attention?  It will be a new learning for all of us.  

     Thinking forward, where can corners be cut to allow for a less stressful list of things to be done.  This is the time when there are no clear answers until the experience becomes evident and then it will be an individual adjustment and change. It is important in all this new adjusting time to think how to also have a little quiet time, to clear the mind, and to relax the body.  Going non stop to 'catch up' won't work without negative reactions in attitude and in the body.

     What can you do that will take a few minutes to relax yourself?  Watch for signs.  Have you ever suddenly realized that your shoulders were very tense and needed to be relaxed 'back in place'.  There will be challenges ahead but awareness of what is important will help to create balance.


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