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     Do you feel as if you're going in circles?   The daily jobs, the routines, the things to take care of?  Perhaps we should think of bigger circles....after all the earth is shaped like a circle.  What if you feel as if you're in a box, a square, hemmed in on all sides? Life doesn't fit into geometric shapes, the changes are too quick and too many.   So what to do, how to manage?  Life seems to be getting more and more complicated.  People are under more and more stress.   This has been mentioned before.  The question is how do you change it?  There's no easy answer.   Perhaps the answer which can be so varied is to think of one thing that could be changed.  Seems easy...one thing....but what would it be?

     Set up some thinking categories.  What would be relaxing...how much time would it take?   What would be something to explore that's different?  What about music?  Do you need to take a few moments to listen, really listen instead of having it in the background all the time?  Perhaps there is a project that needs to be started or one that needs to be finished.  Or is there someone you would like to be with for a few sharing moments?  Choose something small as most new ventures may be a little overwhelming....or perhaps a particular venture that needs to be experienced a little at a time. Be adventurous in trying something totally new.  This is, as has been said many times, a time of change.  How it will change, and how we will change will not be known until we experience it. Be 'outside the box' and be ready to adjust to change.


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