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     I am finding it's two weeks that fly by before I hardly realize it. It's difficult to know the right time to post when the readers out there are silent.  I wonder what is needed....questions answered? Suggestions? The phone number is available on the main page.

     How do you feel when you're opposite the mainstream thought? Do you keep quiet?  Do you put your feelings and thoughts out there for feedback or to share?  I think there must be many who keep their thoughts to themselves.  Why 'rock the boat'.  It is well known when you look back in time that those who had certain views lost their life as a result. Maybe there is a holdover from that...a sense of not wanting to be ignored or laughed at.  It's as if it makes others uncomfortable or afraid to hear something 'different'.  Take, for example, animal communication, which has been around a long time,but appears to be new to many.  Communicating with animal spirits is an enlightening and amazing experience to hear that yes, they are alive and they have wisdom to share.  Still, just communicating with them on earth ...people don't want to hear ...it makes them uncomfortable when they can't do it themselves.

     How do you feel when you can't communicate with others? Not that you can't, but that your feelings can't be shared or new thought simply because they seem to be comfortable with the knowledge they have, a 'don't bother me' syndrome.  Then the table turns....when did you last listen to someone who had different views?  Were you able to hear without defensiveness? The thought is this:  How are you listening and communicating with others?  In the times ahead, we will need to do both - listen and learn, and speak and share.


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