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    Do you feel you're 'going in circles'?  I had that thought with much to do and suddenly I heard mentally "Widen the circle." It's an interesting suggestion.  What happens when a circle is widened?  For one thing, it changes the pace for if you're traveling around the circle ...the bigger it gets, the longer it takes to cover the distance.  So what happens then?  You slow down and have a chance to take a breath in slower fashion, your body has a chance to relax and your mind has a chance to re-focus.

    This is not my thought.  One of the suggestions on my other site - http://www.galaxytriad.com which I  found works on relieving pressure is what I was told and that is if you are wound up, or angry or having mixed feelings, walk counter clockwise in a circle. Now some will probably ask "How big a circle"?  When I first tried this the size of the circle just came naturally.  How many times around?  That depends on whether you're walking off frustration  or anger, or taking a few minutes to relax and balance the body. It is such a simple direction and amazing in how quickly it works. As you release the anger or negative feelings you will find that you start slowing down without realizing it.  Then, the 'circle walk' changes and you are strolling in a relaxed manner.  No place to walk outside?
It's a little cramped but this also works inside the apt. or house.

    Afterwards, try a few circles walking in a clockwise direction.
    This is a stressful time for many with changes ahead so keep this simple solution in mind.


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