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    How do you find peace when there are wars all over the world? Lining up the problem areas of those at war or about to go to war in a vertical line and it seems that there is hardly a place without conflict. Have you, after awhile, figured there is nothing one person can do and sometimes turn away or let the problem float by?  If it is in another country, there really is little that one individual can do but send up prayers.

    Here is the next question....does that 'knowing' of little a person can do follow into other categories where any help you might give is actually not done at all.  Small actions are usually tossed away and yet they sometimes lead to bigger things.  We marvel at a very young boy or girl who starts something in a small way only to  see it grow, bring in volunteers, and become a beacon of Light  for others.  They do not know a barrier, they just take action.

    Perhaps you can take action if you bring in a friend or two who helps with action and encouragement.  So, sometime, think of
something you can do with or without another person's help.


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