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    Usually a weekly message and here it is the 3rd week.  If you look at different websites you'll see the mention of time moving faster.  This isn't just a comment, or a sensing, it is fact.  Look back at January and February, don't you get a sense of 'where did it go'.  The next step is to look at how you have handled it.  Have you rushed more? Have you felt you were falling behind in what you have to do and have you had frustration?  Maybe a little of all these things.  So, what to do.  Stop a moment.  A simple suggestion....a moment or two of just stopping.  Close your eyes, become aware of your breathing and take slow breaths as you let your mind relax.

    Sometimes when directions sound too easy, it is passed  over or done in such a careless way that it is almost dismissed. If it doesn't seem to work....take a few more moments and begin again. We are in a time of change and that takes a lot of adjustment.  Don't be too hard on yourself that you haven't accomplished what you need to do. When your eyes are closed, find where the tension is located in your body and concentrate on soothing that area.

     For other explanation of how to handle these times, please visit my other website www.galaxytriad.com


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