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      When there is a different and difficult change, it's noticed when it's new or overcoming, like the snow, the rain, the blizzard,the sink holes, the tree branches falling as well as the trees, earthquakes and other changes in the weather patterns on earth. It is such a difficult and dangerous time and hardship for those without electricity or heat. This seems to be the time when a person's patience is tested or nerves kept in balance. It's also a time when there is help and guidance that most people
are unaware of...and also do not take advantage of even if it is pointed out to them.

      The Celestials reach out mentally to help individuals here on earth. Now hearing Celestials probably closed the mind of some for they are not personally known, and when something different or even uncomfortable happens, most people dismiss it or if they cannot figure it out, they just label it as a passing thought or not important. There is so much stress at this time and there is help available, but you have to listen. The Celestials have said they do everything they can think of to get the person's attention. I'd like to share a recent event.

      A workman had finished his job and as he was leaving he stood on the front porch steps and I was behind the screen door. Suddenly he looked surprised, backed up and looked at the roof of my house and said "I thought you were having some work done on your roof." I could have just answered 'No' but I try to stay alert to what I call signals. So I went outside and looked to see what could have caught his attention when he said "I heard footsteps...two people.." I laughed because I knew what had happened. "Someone has a message for you and they're trying to get your attention." He said "I distinctly heard two people." So, as I am a channel who can hear, I gave him the message that they had for him. He was very aware and caught on to the meanings right away. Others might have turned away or been afraid to listen. He was given some steps which would help him on a spiritual awareness path. The point of sharing this story, is that you may be hearing words that literally feel as if they have dropped into the top of your head....and in truth, that is exactly what has happened. Listen, listen, there's help available.


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