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      Have you ever thought about the recreational rides at a park ...and then used that as an analogy of your life? Are you a ferris wheel that goes round and round...same routine, same patterns, and also the 'go', 'go', 'go' pace. There are many who appear to do this. What about the 'kiddy cards', those small cars that go this way and that and bump into things and keep you alert. Have there been times in your life where your experiences are like dodging what comes at you right and left ...or straight ahead?
      Roller coasters that can take your breath away or frighten you into resolving never, never to go on one again? And there's the Merry Go Round......even if you change horses, you're on the same path, again, round and round. Think about the other things ....the scary rides in dark places ....times in your life when you felt you were in a tunnel and no light ahead? And the 'win a prize' ...show your skill.. what if you don't win a prize....how do you feel and does it make you feel good when you know you've done your best?

      Do you look at so many things and push yourself so hard you miss seeing some of the things you might have experienced?

      What it gets down to ....what kind of park does your life show?


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