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      2014 - the number 4 stand for order and 2 +1+4 = a number 7 that is the favorite of some. Do you have a favorite number and if so, have you wondered why or have you looked at the meaning? Celestials have said that one of the ways they speak is with numbers... that may seem strange, but it saves time as the meanings are known. In this new year of change, how are you going to direct yourself to new learning? It doesn't have to be numbers, it can be other subject areas totally unrelated. Is it at all important to learn something new? What if you picked a subject that interests you or you wonder about that you know nothing about? Does the sentence 'I don't have time come to mind'? Are you expecting a different path to open to you ...maybe not, but what if the exploring takes you to another new subject or project?

      Did you know the the Celestials drop words into our heads? Does that sound strange? It is one of their ways of guiding, helping. Have you heard someone say 'it just popped into my head? They say the problem is that people aren't listening. Perhaps it's a word that makes you think of someone, or something to be explored and they say 'they're ignored'. Listen - time is flying by fast - explore something new.


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