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      The end of a year comes and how does it affect you? Do you look forward to what is coming, do you look back or do you live day by day? There are so many ways of living, so many ways to go through a day and night, a month by month and then there it is - gone, and another month begins. Perhaps you become so busy that you don't take time to think back or forward. There is a whirlwind type of activity at the end of the year with holidays and often there is no time for reflection. So what happens? Is the same pattern of living evident or do you make an effort to do something different, no, not the usual New Year's resolutions that are often not kept, but just some something you can change.

      We're told this is a Time of Change. It's happening all around you but most do not notice except, of course, the different weather patterns cannot be ignored. Earth is reacting, earth is changing, have you noticed? In fact, why not make a small effort to see if you notice something new, something different. Let that guide you to being more aware of other changes around you.


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