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      When you hear discussion on spirituality you will hear the word Light come up at times and in spiritual growth. Let your Light shine ...as the song "This little Light of mine,
I'm going to let it shine" mentioned once before. If you are interested in finding that Light you look within, the become more aware of others and you try to contribute in a way that others' Light shines.

      What about the Light around you? Do you take notice, NS say a mental thank you? In the midst of all the awful weather in the east, the daffodils in my yard are just starting to bloom. The yellow is so beautiful that it shines, signaling spring will come. When you see a flower or the jubilant joy of a pet, do you take time to realize the Light is expressing itself in different forms? Look and see what Light you haven't noticed and connect with it with your own Light. Spread it around.


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