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      Have you ever thought of your mind as a 'garden'? Have you taken a few moments or more to see what is in it and how healthy it is? It gives you a different perspective. We have so many things to do in a day and decisions to make and the mind gets cluttered and runs on fast currents. Those who plan to take a few moments to meditate or slow down find that by the time they get to a quiet place they are almost ready to just take a nap. Others cannot proceed forward without the cares of their life cluttering the mind again with thoughts and worries.

      Take a different approach. Think of your mind as that garden you stroll through. Too many worries? Too much weeding' that needs to be done? Thoughts that need to be 'trimmed back'? Picture your own individual garden, walk through it, observe what is there, what needs to be removed. Keep your walk focused on the beauty as well as that which needs to be removed. Cover short amounts of area and take time to walk in the beauty you create. See if it doesn't make a difference.


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