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      If you look at the people you know, or individuals on TV, you see categories of behavior. Surprising people give to others, help others,or the ones who overspend or have no caring. We are not talking about money here, but giving from the spirit. It doesn't take group effort or participation but rather a change in outlook. What do the eyes, which it is said is the window to the soul, what do they see, or are there blinders. Most people think of money when giving is mentioned but what of that unique gift of you. So many lives and thoughts have been changed from a sentence, a thought provoking comment and sometimes it is never known. Perhaps it's the 'reward', the knowing of an outcome that makes people think it's not worth it. Then step forward to acting but letting whatever it is take its course without any expectation of outcome. Of course it's nice to see the outcome and if you're curious, it can become worrisome at not knowing results, but there is spiritual growth in having the confidence to take 'right action' and let go and move on to the next opening to give. Satisfaction may be overcome by doubt, but little by little, let the very thought and active participation of giving of self in some way bring a sense of giving.


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