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      Reports heard have stated this year of 2013 has been a tough year. 2014 is supposed to be better. Here are a few thoughts: What can we do to bring peace where we are? Does it have to be just for humans? Do you have space or an area where you can create a peaceful place for the birds or a quiet place for yourself? In an apartment, is there a corner, or small place where you can create a little peace? There must be some peace for new ideas and guidance to come forth. If we think non stop and do not give our minds a rest, how can new thoughts come in? Can you practice creating a smooth platform for new thoughts or perhaps no actual thinking but quiet space. This has been suggested before, but bares repeating. Create the space around you if only for a few minutes. If space is limited, create a quiet place within and consciously carry it with you. Start this new year with freshness and a new outlook if possible.


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