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    Children learn how to walk a step at a time. They fall, they get up, they crawl, then walk, but it is all involved in steps. When you are overwhelmed and beginning to feel the strain of stress, think of that phrase ...a step at a time. It has been heard many times and as a result, it is almost overlooked, a 'what else is new' reaction. Still, if you think on this time and the holidays and extra requirements, there are those who don't take it a step at a time. So what happens, it's rush, rush, hurry, hurry, and eventually an overwhelming sense of tiredness and disinterest.

    There are many suggestions for handling stress and coping with 'too much to do', still, what is wrong with taking a few minutes and just s t o p. Cars stop at stop lights, why not mentally create your stop light, your reminder to stop. Take a breath, let go of all the stress and worry, breathe slowly and then start again ....take that next step with a calmer approach. You weren't meant to be a robot on fast speed all the time. Your steps may be short or long, but let it be taken with calmness and peacefulness.


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