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    This is the time of the year....a festive one, sometimes joyful, but also a time of stress. Problems pile up and things become overcoming to the point of manifesting physically. We know the usual guidelines - take time to relax, rest, practice calmness but somehow the time slips away and we're caught up in the whirlwind. Most will say "I don't have time" meaning taking the time to rest....and it is true in how the day slips away with all to be done. Here is a very simple action to take that was given from a celestial source. When you can feel the tension, feel the anxiousness and emotionally feel yourself spiraling out of control....stop momentarily, close your eyes, and turn your body slowly to the left in a counter-clockwise direction. Do this twice only with two full circles. (Somewhat like walking around a small chair.) Keep your mind clear and rest your thinking. Doing this in times of stress will give you a moment to realign your body.


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