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    Reaching out to others is not something that is generally done day to day. There are those good actions that are taken aily, but not by everyone. On Thanksgiving day families come together and connections are made. It is a time to reach out for connection upward. We need reminders, but how often is thanks given to the Creator? How often do we stop and really think about what we have to be thankful for and acknowledge it?

    Those of you with children who are busy, perhaps overwhelmed with things to do, take time to tell each of them you are thankful for them. Too often they get overlooked with the needs of what must be done for family during the holidays. And speak your thankfulness, let others hear it, friends and relatives and those who enrich your life.

    And so, I am thankful for you - the invisible readers, those who read and see and learn with perhaps new thought. I am thankful when there is insight and understanding and a reaching out to others. And, God is thankful for you.


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