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    "Peace. What is the first thought following your reading of 'Peace'. What does peace mean to you? This portion of history in time is not full of peace as one war after another occurs and conflicts are all over the globe. It is definitely not a time of peace. Yet peace can be found and actually created. Have you ever said or heard said "If I could just have a few minutes of peace"? Sometimes that is all it takes - a few moments of quiet, taking some slow deep breaths, relaxing the body and finding balance. At other times it is difficult to even find a few minutes. It is then that the time for peace has to be created...that few minutes must be found."

    "When you can create that few minutes of quiet, think first of your body. Is it stretched and stressed and if so, the breathing will calm both inwardly and outwardly. The harder part may be the Mind....still your thoughts, close your eyes, bring quietness to your mind, even if it is only for a few minutes. In so doing, you bring peace not only to yourself but your part of the world."


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