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    When we hear children say their 'tummy aches' we can get help or we realize the cause of the symptoms. Unfortunately, whether it is a child, young person or adult, we don't have a term that says "my mind hurts". This is a time when we are seeing bizarre behavior and odd reactions. These are sometimes from people who have had problems in their past and in other cases, they are people who have never been in trouble. Their 'hurt', their imbalance, their anger has been hidden within. When it surfaces, it's generally too late to help or change the cause of the problem which may include bullying or violence which leads to loss of life.

    Now is the time for families to find time to listen to their children, to look at their growth in understanding, to understand what they think and feel. Children now are surrounded by technology, a good thing, but very single oriented in most cases. Make time in your family to do something which parents and children share, some type of game or quiet moments of sharing in some activity. We can't predict future behavior in most cases. but we can create a time to let the mind rest, to have time to express feelings or experience. It's never to late to start if there is still a family group. If you, as a single, are in turmoil, if you are depressed and ready to give up, turn toward someone or your spiritual path for help. Look for time when nothing is required of you ...just be. Know that when you walk the path of life there are rocks in the road you have to step over. Get help and calm the turmoil within.


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