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    "We automatically follow the division of time shown by a yearly calendar or a single page of a month. Some plan ahead and some use it as an anchor as to what day it is or what schedule they need to follow. The pace of life is faster than before this time and it is also used to keep track of a particular day where there is a special event or a meeting or whatever is necessary to remember. Some people live by the division of time, checking and checking and changing schedules. Nothing new in these facts except an awareness of what is your division of time like? Have you ever taken a look at it from an objective view?"

    "When you get a chance in time, look at how you divide it...perhaps put down categories. How much time do you spend on different requirements. If you have a job that category is set into one time frame and depending on the type of job, how much is left over for other things." What is important to you? Are you giving it a division of time? Busy, that's the word usually used, too busy. The next step is so obvious it is often ignored. Change your division....or balance it in such a way that while giving time to one 'category', make sure that the next week or other division receives time for something you like to do but don't have 'time' for, or readjust the amount of time. It is not necessary to list what is important. If you stop and think you know what you would like to do, what is needed ....if you give it thought. Take time to do so and vary it for open ended time. Make your calendar interesting.


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