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     In some things we progress as a nation and as earth occupants and in other things we have made little progress. There are many who occupy this planet who give no thought to environmental needs or even the thought that it is a planet. There is much to take the mind along the paths of what has to be done, the bills to pay, the problems to solve, the relationships to handle....there seems little time for other things. Still, in the middle of turmoil or just busy every day life, we forget to think about the spiritual side of life and how to live it. All around us are wonders of the nature realm and the animal realm and the sky above. When do you take a moment to enjoy or be appreciative of what this planet offers?

     There are changes in behavior, both good and bad and changes in dress, and growth in countries. Communication has been lengthened to include much of the population who can reach for a cell phone. Our animal kingdom suffers in many way. We still have universities in this country of the U.S. who perform ghastly experiments on puppies and other animals....and then kill them. How can we think of ourselves as a caring people when this is still allowed. At the base of living there must be love, consideration, and helpfulness. Which one of these things have received your attention?


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