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     In this time of turmoil on earth it is hard to find peace and hard to find love. Our TV stations are filled with the sex love, the songs with provocative words and actions, and the famous who is marrying who or bringing their marriage to an end. Sometimes lost in the middle of all of this are examples of love that go beyond the normal. Imagine a sixteen year old girl speaking in front of the United Nations with confidence and purpose. It's important to see the examples of love that may not get any notice as far as the news media.. impulsive reaching out to help another, helping out a stranger, brave immediate reactions in the middle of calamity.

     It is too easy to think of love as major examples that are shown in the news, and yet each day someone, somewhere shows love in small but touching ways. It isn't limited to people, it needs to be shown to the animals that occupy our planet. The earth, nature itself, needs love and if you're a gardener you can tell the gardens that have been taken care of with love. In life, somehow each day there is usually a moment where love can be shown, a small kindness,a helpful gesture. And also, something you may not have thought of.....when was the last time you showed love to your Creator?


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