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     Today there were fascinating cloud formations which were unusual and colors as if drawn by an artist. If you don't look upward, you miss incredible sights that are there and then gone. Have you noticed that when you look at clouds it takes your mind off everything else? It's like a quick journey to another place. Then suddenly, it's gone and left only in memory. How many sights do we miss because we don't take a few moments to look? So as we really listen and look we see what others miss....and perhaps it lifts the spirit.

     For those who connect upward we hear and are told wondrous words of wisdom and guidance, but all can hear and sense that guidance by turning within.....connecting with the inner self. It takes sensing and listening. To hear other examples of verbal connections with the 'other side' I'd like to invite you to visit www.galaxytriad.com Use the senses you were given and watch your world expand.


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