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     How well do you listen? Are you in an environment where you work with a lot of people or there is constant interaction such as teaching? Perhaps your job is one of concentration and paper work and little communication with others. Or it could be the opposite...surrounded by noise.

     Have you noticed others and the way they listen? Some as if it is an annoyance if they can't jump in with their own thoughts, a hurry up and finish feeling. Rarely do you see someone really taking in what you say. It's a gift, really. A gift to pay attention to another whether it's an interesting topic or not, or maybe you've 'heard it before'. However, think of it as a gift....to really pay attention to what another is saying with no interruption but actual interested listening. We all need to be listened to at some point. And then there's the 'other listening'...listening with your mind, listening for guidance, listening for words from beyond that just drop into your mind. Practice a little...a little real listening, no fake intent, no "I have to deal with this", just listen. You may be surprised at what you hear.



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