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     "Up and down is the way things seem to go. Are you one of those fortunate people who are always 'up' with a good outlook and a happy face? It's rare during this time for you cannot but be affected by all the turmoil and terror in the world. How do you get through the 'down' times? Things don't go right, depression sets in or anger seems to pop up and perhaps then you realize that you are not in a 'good place' emotionally."

     "People are carrying burdens. Some are not so obvious, but the physical signs sometimes indicate the heaviness within. It's tough...they don't teach you that in school, but there are times when, like a battle, you have to fight to move ahead. When you hit those dark times, give yourself more rest time if at all possible. Pushing and pushing and carrying a heavy load just doesn't work. Take 'moments' whenever you can....stop, just stop and concentrate on your breathing, just let everything flow past while you let your mind and body rest. Think about moments that brought a smile or a little peace. Keep moving ahead with courage for you don't know what is just around the corner that may lighten your load."




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