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     "The Wind of Change increases its speed. Just as you're enjoying the soft breeze a storm comes up. In the physical world when this happens you perhaps change clothes to a warmer coat or lighter clothes when it become hot. Rain of course brings other adjustments, but what if the change is something you haven't experienced. How then do you prepare?"

     "First, calmness of the mind is important. Some people have mental train wrecks with one idea after another and another running non-stop. Steps to be taken cannot always come first mentally. The body has to be calm, the inner Self has to be calm, and the 'train of thought' must stand still momentarily. It is then that help can be received and new thoughts enter. It is then that the ideas can be weighed for better or worse or should I or should I not."

     "During the 'calming' the body has time to be a 'receiver'and to adjust to different energies and emotions. Listen carefully and use the steps as the need arises."


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