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     If you watch/read the News it shows much of the world is in turmoil and the loss of life is appalling. It is a helpless feeling to know that at certain points, nothing can be done. Have you found yourself protecting your emotions, putting up a mental barrier to handle the sights? At times that has to be done, but it is important that we don't shut down the feelings inside, the sympathy, the prayer, the good thought.

     When things become too overwhelming it seems to loom larger and larger and many start finding an escape which can lead to bigger problems. Perhaps you've heard it too many times, but somewhere, somehow you have to go within. Bogged down with things to do, money problems and illness ...there can be a long list, but take a moment, find a quiet place, just listen to the You inside. Listen for a shift, a moment of relief and peace will come to you. Look for others who are struggling and find some way to assist them, even if it is a mental thought of caring. Look For The Light.


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