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     Have you noticed how you feel when the Light goes out, the electricity doesn't work? It may be an uneasy feeling as you look for candles or something to provide light. We take it for granted until we are suddenly without it. Are you aware that the Light within can be as if it is hidden or over shadowed with life's events? It's somewhat like checking to find a replacement, when the Light goes out within you see all kinds of problems from drugs to addiction of many sorts, of depression and hopelessness or grief. It isn't easy to function in darkness and it is easy to lose your way.

     When you walk through darkness and you are aware, perhaps a deep loss of some kind, you reach and look for the Light, but when you're in darkness and unaware, you're experiencing lost feelings for there is no Light to guide you. Sometimes we work our way out of it and other times we have to have help. The heaviest load is when we're in darkness and we don't know it. Perhaps it is thought of as 'normal' or 'tiredness' or 'a feeling of depression'. To find the status of the Light within we have to look, listen, be aware of, and take
the time needed for the search. It is even possible that there are those who think this is the way it is, the heaviness, the darkness, a way of life.

     Take time to feel what is really within. Listen, be still, be with Self and just listen. If there are no words, absorb the stillness and the peacefulness that should be there. It takes time but continue your search and look for the Light that is there.


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