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     Have you noticed the sky? Here in the west there has been an artistic show of cloud formations. Swirls and 'puffs', line drawings and subtle changes in color. A few times when I have pointed out the beauty, the reaction has been almost neutral. An attitude of oh, ok, it's pretty. There doesn't seem time for anything more than a quick glance.

     There are many people with the finances who buy homes with the 'view' a primary requirement..but the majority of us have, as our view, what we have in our apartment or home. Do you really look at your environment? Perhaps you live in a townhouse or city where nature is not easily seen....or those who love the city life and don't miss the gardens, flowers, and parks. Still, take a moment or two...seek out the beauty around you and really look at it. If you don't have surroundings of nature then create some small part, perhaps a plant. There are those reading this who aren't the least bit interested in gardening or nature, but take a few minutes to really observe and view the earth you live on. You just might be surprised at its calming effect.


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