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     Betwixt and between....in the middle....do you often find yourself in this state? What to do, when to do it, how to do it, and how to live your daily lives. Each day we are contained within a format of requirements in our lives. For those who have the daily chores taken care of, and perhaps are most organized, the day probably moves more smoothly than those who must struggle through all the organization, the chores, the requirements within their particular life.

     Are you betwixt and between spiritually? Intent, contemplation, action, or a few moments of thought? Where is the balance between the physical parts of life and the spiritual part? It takes not only intent but awareness. Making the time for quietness, creating a space in mind or actuality for the spirituality that is there for the listening. As you create your day, whatever your format, make time for that important part, the part that is within.


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