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     How open is your mind? What does that mean? Do you let thoughts flow non stop without rest until you sleep? Do you let a train of thoughts act as a train on a track...one after the other? Or, do you jump around, perhaps in your business, from one thing to another, hardly pausing for space inbetween? How many actually are aware and stop to let the mind rest? Perhaps you're involved in yoga or some type of meditation where the mind and the body can rest and become open,, but for most, the thoughts flow on and on and on.

     Then there are ideas, opinions, differences. How open is your mind to that? Do you listen to the other person's side and try to see what view they are presenting or do you jump in to give your opinion, so sure you are right. Do you look at different sides of an issue and try to respect those that may not be yours but give you a view of the other person or group's view? Some people are natural talkers, some are natural listeners, but for most, these attributes must be practiced, especially if the issue is one you feel strongly should be a freedom fought for.

     We can't always agree, or perhaps even see the other person's view, but during those times it is important to practice respect even if your views are far apart. Again, how open is your mind?


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