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     If you look around you at nature, there seems to be peace, unless you're in the middle of a weather pattern that is debilitating. In that space of beauty and calmness you bring with it worries, frustration, tiredness, discouragement and all the things that are hovering around you. Perhaps you want to just curl up somewhere and let all the problems float on by. You have an overriding feeling of wanting to escape, to find peace. As difficult as it may seem, there is a quiet place, a peaceful place, a healing place...and it is within.

     The place within draws you to the heart area, a refuge from the problems of the world. Go there for rest, for peace, for help in re-charging strength and finding the answers you need. Just 'be' in that space, find the strength and will to move on, to find that which you need to once again enjoy the peace of nature.


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