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     "Speak your truth." What is your truth? What do you stand for? Those of you with families....what are you saying to your children with the words and life you live? Additionally, what do you make time for in their lives to help them learn their truth.,..or did you assume it would be exactly the same?

     As you've probably heard or noticed, there are many changes going on. Do you take time to listen and see and do you share with others or do you make it a private 'look'? You may meet absolute denial from others, but still stand in your own truth as to what you perceive. You may be right, even wrong, but time will show the value of that which you believe. Whether it is something to be modified or something that can be followed as is, have you stopped to think of your 'signature' we could call it.

     How do we find 'truth' and is your truth not valid because it's not another's truth? Hardly, for we are individuals with varying backgrounds and experiences. It's like looking at a mountain and seeing only the side you're looking at. Seeing others' truth and looking for understanding gives a broader view though it may not be something you accept for yourself. And here is something to think on ..."How many truths have you discovered in your life?"


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