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     Light is all around you. . . What thought came to you? Did you think of the sky or the sun or the moon? Light comes in many forms. You may have heard of this time of change and yet there doesn't seem to be a lot of people aware of the fact. Where is the Light? Look, I mean really look. Have you noticed the diamond like leaves, or rather, leaves that have a diamond light. Have you noticed a tree you look at daily has suddenly changed color? Perhaps you live in an apt. and you're not much of an out door person. Have you noticed anything different?

     Take time to look at the sky. There are changes going on there. Look for colors that have no description, that don't seem to fit the color descriptions we have. The reason is that they are new and they carry light within. Perhaps you're one of those people who have heard or read a little and you look and nothing seems different. Look again...a little different way....hard to explain. Look
at something alive...a tree, plant, flower, and try to look as if a first time new experience and relax as you look. Suddenly you'll see a difference. A tree looks not as it usually does but as green stars. The plants seem to be growing stronger. And are you listening? Stop. Listen and you're hear indescriable sounds, an extremely high pitch or a tone. Your ears aren't having a problem, it's from another realm. Acknowledge with a wave of your hand ..it's a connection from beyond. Many things happening but you have to open your eyes and look in a different way...yes, there is Light all around.


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