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     I'm told we're in the midst of "trying times." As if people didn't have enough problems already, now things have reached a stage of just 'too much' to handle. It is disturbing to see the violence that is increasing, the weather changes and the effects, the tension makes it difficult to find balance. Drawing within which is what many are doing is not the answer. Reflection and meditation are helpful, but shutting out the world is not the path to take.

     Endurance takes strength but there should be pauses or intervals inbetween needs of strength. It's like watching someone hold a bar bell without putting it down, building up strength to try it again. So much is mental...how you see things, but your body is going through a lot of stress. It's difficult but it's important to take time to rest. You know how it goes...if you don't espect your body's needs, it will bring your attention to it one way or another.

     Those who have families....talk with your children. Ask how they feel or if they've heard of some violent happening, does it make them feel less safe. Create a ribbon of communication, give them a chance to express their fears. Remember your friends and family...reach out to them if they need help. Give them the opportunity to express their
feelings also. It is a time when support is needed, but also when support can be given.


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