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     Light is around you in the sun and on earth, a different kind of Light. The tornados, fires, and flooding are coming one right after the other, but there is a difference. Some newscasters have already made a comment on the things they see. Help...help shows up, people drive distances to give help, neighbors help each other and that is Light. The Light of love is being shared. It is this kind of sharing that gives our country strength. Watching the flood of help that has poured through in different disasters has been inspiring.

     We mourn those who have been lost and the grief that their families feel, but we see in these families a resolve to live and live well to honor those who are gone. When you are rushing through your day or night work, your responsibilities, stop and think a minute how these disasters affect you. Somewhere in the puzzlement and perhaps anger, does it cause you to be more aware of the importance of being aware of others? What can you do to help? Each individual is important.


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