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     Perhaps you've seen it in a movie, or if you're lucky enough, you live near a moving stream, a river, or perhaps you visit a vacation spot. Notice how the water flows and moves around rocks and continues on its way. It only slows down if the route becomes narrow or there is some blockage. When the force of the water is strong, it moves much more quickly and sometimes overruns previous barriers.

     Following this image, suppose you find yourself in a 'dark place', a state of mind that holds you back, that doesn't flow moothly. Think of the river moving slowly forward, calm and smooth. Then again, think of the things that disturb and see the rushing waters representing problems that seem to overwhelm and fears and worries and self doubt. There's no time to
slow down and yet many people stay at the rush, rush pace of life, dealing with problems as best they can.

     Somewhere, somehow, slow down. If you can find a quiet place, imagine a smoothly running stream. It can calm your nerves. Don't look for answers right away, enjoy the scenery, in effect, put your worries aside and just be in the moment. Too often, we're the fast moving stream and it is not only tiring, but there is not enough quiet time to hear the voice within. Listen.


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