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     When do you stop and listen? What is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it your job instructions, the need of a child, a news report? So many things to draw one's attention. The kind of listening that is being referred to is listening with the entire Self. Perhaps you've never experienced it for you're busy going from one job to another, one place to another, constantly on the move. If there is an important sports game, you listen intently to the score or a decision perhaps at government level.

     The listening referred to is where you still your body, you take a breath and slow down your breathing, you let go of blems and thinking of solutions or working on problems, you stop and listen. Stopping is the first clue. You cannot really listen when you are talking or busy or noise in the background. It has to be a quiet moment. If it's a late at night listening there are other sounds, but it is a time to listen inwardly. What do you feel when you are silent? What can you hear? Try to 'set the stage'. Try to listen to your breathing. Be aware and then listen.


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