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     It's good to take a 'time out', even varying a little change for a day with an unexpected or planned action. People think of vacation and yet a small amount of time in a totally different frame of mind can be very refreshing. It seems to work best when you are in a different place, a different environment. It's like writing a script on a clean piece of paper or a blank screen on the computer. On the other hand, there may be a special place that gives you peace, and if you are fortunate enough to find such a place, then going with your comfortableness with a known area will also pay you with the quietness and peacefulness we all need at some time, even if it's only a few moments.

     We get locked into the routine of our lives...we go to work or if we're at home we have a general routine. We have patterns of behavior and patterns of actions...on such and such a day I have to do .... and the days fill up with things that must be done. We are in a time of coming change and that will require an adjustment to new patterns, a shifting of beliefs in what is around us. Perhaps the old patterns won't work or perhaps you will have to readjust or carve out new routines, or perhaps there will not be space for routine but only change. A very sobering thought. Bend a little in your routines and allow for a few changes for change is coming.


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