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     If you've seen the latest news, you will notice that earth is going through some unusual phases. This is spring and yet in some parts of the country they are blanketed with snow. In other areas the flowers are blooming in all their glory. In addition to that we have tornados and earthquakes in various countries. Seldom do we stop to think about what the earth is going through ...it's just there. It's only when we see disaster in some form that we see the devastation and the aftereffects.

     Not all people care about nature....obvious statement, but many who do are not involved in doing anything. Does it mean joining a club, being involved in certain activities, donating money? All these are possibilities, but what are you doing in your space....no one else's just yours. Take a good look and see if there is some way you can contribute. Maybe it's just clearing/cleaning a spot. There are contributions you can make. Let Mother Nature know you care.


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