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     It is hard when things don't work out the way you think they should. It is harder still when finances and the lack of them enters the picture. There are many guides on what to do, how to search and fill out the necessary papers, it is time consuming and exhausting. What is even more difficult is when the steps are taken and still no employment.

     There is no one answer for each person. There are different paths. Does one go down a different road to a different type of job? Should the same job be kept if it is not a happy place? Nothing on paper can give the answer. What it takes is confidence in Self. No one can say "if you takes these steps you will get a job, your problems will be taken care of, all will be well." Throughout all of the problems and the 'dead ends' there has to be a sense of strength and a belief that there must be a reason behind the problems. Get help, don't try to solve all the problems yourself. Try to deal with the situation in as calm manner as possible. Pray for insight and guidance and don't give up.


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