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     You keep hearing about Light, but perhaps within you, the question is 'where is it'? It's easy when we can turn on a switch, look at the sky, shine a flashlight, but where is this elusive Light that is spoken of in spiritual terms?

     If you have been through tough times, it's easy to remember the dark times, the heaviness, and the darkness that is felt at that time. We may have experienced moments that touched the inner Self that for that moment showed us a glow of light, but then it seems to disappear. There is no one answer except what we hear over and over again.....look within. You may even say I looked and saw nothing. Look again and again. It may be a spark, it may be a moment that touches the inner most part of you. Don't expect rays of light and drama, but perhaps a touch of warmth, a feeling, an emotional reaction. It is in stillness that we learn. Persevere and don't give up. It's there.


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